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Hardwood Flooring Factory based in Paraguay, delivering high quality products since 1994

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Our Products

Brazilian Pecan (Guajayvi)

1/2 in. Matte Brazilian Pecan Engineered Hardwood Flooring 5 in. Wide

the wood's durability paired with bold tone variations makes it a unique but popular choice that will give distinguished flair to any room and can be installed on any level of the home or office.


Brazilian Ebony (Guayakan)

1/2 in. Brazilian Ebony Engineered Hardwood Flooring 5.16 in. Wide

Brazilian Ebony is the captivating exotic that draws attention at just a glance. This rich timber coloring is deep and tempting in shadows and yet dazzles in the light, with flashes of gilded blonde and inspiring hints of sunset orange. Authentic grain flourishes and a distinguished smooth surface make this an unforgettable floor of quality and unmistakable style.


Santos Mahogany (Incienso Colorado)

1/2 in.Santos Mahogany Engineered Hardwood Flooring 5.13 in. Wide

Santos Mahogany offers a lavish reddish-brown with lighter orange-browns spread across its fine grain. And it's known the world over for its exceptional strength, making it a great choice for high-traffic businesses and busy homes as well. For those who demand exquisite beauty combined with proven durability, Santos Mahogany is simply ideal.


Brazilian Walnut (Lapacho)

1/2 in.Brazilian Walnut Engineered Hardwood Flooring 5.13 in. Wide

Brazilian Walnut is coupled with beautiful chocolate tones and a vast range of rich color variations from a lighter, understated brown to sultry deep brown hues. It exhibits exceedingly fine graining and is also one of the hardest and most durable woods in the market. This exotic wood is capable of fitting any house style, from a country/rustic home, passing through contemporary and traditional styles, to a modern and eclectic loft - Brazilian Walnut gives a touch of unrivaled warmth and will add value and style to your home.


Species Available

We fabricate prefinished engineered hardwood flooring in colored or natural patterns on demand in several species such as:
Palo Blanco, Guatambu, Santos Mahogany (Incienso Colorado), Brazilian Walnut (Lapacho), Brazilian Pecan (Guajayvi), European White Oak and many more...

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